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''98 . 3 . 8, We poured down to the coast in search of surf and sun.

I chose an old photo of my youth as a creative theme,I'm took the photo with my friends. The background is a group of cattle, a small lake and a hill, that is full of poetic. It was the afternoon of March, 1998, It happened to be a fine day. We often make a sightseeing tour. We are not over 20.

16 years later, friends now are either scattered or busy. Now communication is developed, contact is a very simple thing, even in Facebook we're still "friends", but never in contact with each other. Our friendship seems to be gone, these feelings buried me.

I often use the waves to convey the restless mood, this may be related to my childhood. I was born in a city nearby the sea, but I didn't learn to swim, because my parents are afraid of danger, don't let me swimming. But I occasionally sneak into the water, but still did not learn to swim. At that time, that was both excited and scared. Until now, the restless feeling is still there.

This piece of work I transferred the image to special materials, and baked the surface to get the burnt trace, next to paste on a rendered canvas, and start to paint. In the process of painting, I had recall the memories of the past and the present of the strange, those emotions become into rough seas. Finally, it covers the photo and buried me.

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