Alex May

Brighton, England

Buildings Flow As Firelight Over Water

Venice is in the news at the moment due to the terrible flooding it is suffering. It caused me to reflect on the algorithmic photographs that I made while I was there last year. Right now I'm working on a project about digital preservation and physical museums so am thinking about how everything is dissolving at different speeds and what it might mean to use digital technology to preserve physical artefacts in some way.

This video artwork reveals the digital process behind my previous "Venice Grand Canal" algorithmic photograph, which is one of my most abstract images. The watery quality of the algorithm that smears all the details and lights across the image that I always found quite soothing and mesmerising now has a slight anger to it; like an abstract impressionist was taking out some frustration at the environment situation on the pixels, dragging them forcibly over the screen.

This video was first shown as part of the "Intelligent Machinery" exhibition at Ugly Duck gallery in London, September 2019.


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