Resguardo y Presencia

We fall in love with some people or things and reject others. We classify them according to our personal experiences, are constantly in alignment and judgment - and deny entities in this process, can not just leave anything and bury some "lost" emotions gradually inside us.

Resguardo y presencia (protection and presence), is a deconstructive work in the process, in which I invite people through performance, photography and video to first look at the outward appearance of a body or object that has the characteristic shape of a living being (animal or human) in the landscape. The contemplative experience creates time and space to calmly define what we see. Then, we connect between the vision we have of a concrete aspect of reality and the metaphor of a figure. It is the further development of our visual experience from our emotions and at the same time the integration of a poetic and visual component, from which finally a new individual image emerges in the eye of the beholder.


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