PNDM_VNT 2020 is a video piece by Azamat Akhmadbaev which is part of his collection MCR_XPRMNT+SND

This video is another part of the artist's ongoing glitch art experiments with video and music/sound.

The cacophony of sounds, the iridescent black color and the stroboscope effect creates a strange and uncomfortable frame of another reality within the boundaries of the TV or panel. This change in metaphysical state influences the inner world of the viewer while watching this video. Despite all the difficulties faced over the last year, people try to live following routines and regular rhythms, which the digital realm mediate. Flashes of activity and noise in the background are vivid examples of how people create rhythm through digital media and imagine life through a subjective field of perception.

This video also acknowledges the way digital media has shaped our cultural and social identities and legacy, and challenges prevailing attitudes to high resolution and reality.


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