Marcel Roder, known as Berliner, is a minimalistic mixed-media artist from Germany who visualizes emotions in his works. He initially gained attention as a collector of digital art and a curator at Nifty Gateway before releasing his first collection in 2023. Works from his first two collections, "With the Attitude of a Matador" and "Between Layers," have been exhibited multiple times in Paris, New York, and in 2024, also in Lisbon. His works, often held in unexpected color palettes, frequently emerge from a combination of artificial intelligence and carefully selected object photos from the artist's environment, aiming to create emotional artworks that evoke spontaneous, often ambivalent reactions from viewers. To generate the emotional depth in his works, object photography, macro, and extreme macro photography are combined using AI, resulting in a cohesive yet thought-provoking whole that challenges the viewer's inner harmony.