Chromacity is an animation created as a collaboration between Brian Alfred and musician Michael Lovett (aka NZCA LINES). Made in response to a song by NZCA LINES, the imagery evokes the haze and calm of a city at night. The work was made during a research period in Japan, where Alfred is one of seven artists to contribute work to the JR East Genbi Shinkansen high speed train.

Alfred often collaborates with musicians to create soundtracks to his animations. Less frequently, and in this situation, he created the animation to accompany the music. The artist described his approach to making Chromacity: “In listening to the track, it gave me the feeling of walking home after a long night before dawn. I tried to capture a hazy nebulous feeling where you are very sleepy and lights have a warm saturated glow. The landscape is an imagined commute home through the late night city.” In Alfred’s pre-dawn metropolis, bright artificial light, shadows and hints of pale morning pass and mingle with each other. City lights pulse to the rhythm of the music as the scenes unfold.


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