FUSION - PARTICLE – MAGNETIC FIELD FORCE is an artistic journey by cc2, inspired by nuclear fusion research from the esteemed Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Munich. This immersive experience translates experiment No. 41417 into a captivating interplay of sound and vision, revealing the hidden beauty of changes in the magnetic field forces.

The data is transformed from 2M Hertz into the human listening range, weaving together elements like pitch, rhythm, and dynamics. This unique blend offers an audible and visual interpretation of a scientific process usually imperceptible to human senses.

The visual landscape is crafted through TouchDesigner, Python, and GLSL, while the auditory experience is shaped using Supercollider, Granular Synthesis, and Analog synthesizers. FUSION bridges the gap between science and art, inviting its audience to explore the uncharted territory that emerges at their intersection.

Designed as a seamless loop, this video artwork offers a continuous, captivating experience for the viewer.

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