this art work was created for so many reasons one being for fun it has over 1,000,000 post it notes in the image that make up the image its self along with the layering and tones of the image that are also made up of post it notes and for the art side of things to be able to select any type of medium for the art creation and then achieve a piece that has the imagery and imagination to capture the aspect of what the artist is saying at the same time as forming the base of the medium being used well i believe this does indeed hit the mark on that note (pun intended) and also explores the new art forms of created combined aspects not fully realised other than within this image it’s also a lot of fun one image with all those post it notes I’m sure if it got sent to someone as a reminder that they needed to be reminded soooo much they would laugh and thats the fun side of this art work I’m sure you can see so without a further a due i give to you the art work called



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