The Chaos

Welcome to The Chaos,

I have a saying

Out of the chaos comes order and out of order come chaos

So working on this subject understanding I thought of a way to display the theory, I first took to generating a mathematical calculation for an infinite calculation (A Fractal) with an ordered chaotic base, then i took the resulting formations and developed them in to an image, with some imagination heading towards the understanding an artists brush moves across the page and so does the calculations by my control over the calculations used, thinking of adding some of the bases for the start of the image certainly had some very interesting complexities to which after some time moulding and forming some of the initial image that then gave me time to think about how this can develop in the piece, then inspired by the formations i had to work with and after re-developing the constructs then gave me the components to begin making the image, after this I was able to move forward on the motion and fluidity of the art work, as I added more movement and started to gain the image's form and how it was evolving, I saw the way through to how this art piece was coming together and continued to both add detail and content and also adding order to the form of the image so what you see before you is not just a piece of art but an entire concept, and you have to look closely to see the alien being in the art piece so I present to you the art piece called

The chaos


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