Väike Viik

Video and Audio by Constantin Malmare
Choreography and Dance by Keity Pook

Keity: My movements were inspired by the short existence of the platform, unfinished and just floating on this firth. The pellicle of dust on it, the enchanting athmosphere of the late Estonian dusk, just before the solstice.

Constantin: There is the same slow motion image, delayed and masked by my patterns, generated trough two moving surfaces of trompe-l'œil three-dimensional moiré patterns. The video is fresh and comes out of a laborious and introspected process. It was filmed in Haapsalu, Estonia. The sound is made from pitching down one of my tracks, with some atmospheric sounds added to it, re-passing trough the same process a couple of times.

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Väike Viikby Constantin Malmare

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