Biophilia II

Costas Picadas' new collection Biomes presents selected works from his two series ​titled Biomes and Biophilia. Biophilia is a part of Costas Picadas' ongoing exploration of metaphysical textures in the universe.

Drawing inspiration from a biblical passage that suggests breath is what powers all life, in Biophilia the artist interrogates the power and impact of breathing in all matter. The works imitate patterns of human breath that embody a deep dimensional expression. Comprised of multiple layers that shift and twist, and emerge and recede, the artist symbolically examines quantum physics theories of expansion and contraction of the universe.

Through abstract imagery and hand-painted particles, each picture offers a distinct breathing pattern. While some particles cyclically push forward and float back in measured counts, others surge ahead with a burst of energy, only to decompose into empty space. Flickering in between hints of focus and galactic swirls, the works in Biophilia align itself with the process of transformation, tracking energy as it changes metabolisms.

It is a comprehensive body of work that includes building installation, moving images and stills.

Sound by Philip Glass and Meditation Sound

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