Aquatic Uncertainty

Intelligent Artifice is Dennis Miller’s secondary digital collection on Sedition, consisting of five animations and four stills that are generated using Artificial Intelligence, a process also known as 'text to image.'

Having been “trained” to recognize the style traits of several billion images using machine learning, AI can generate art work using any references or associations the artist wishes to employ. Numerous parameters is determined by the creator of the work, and the trial and error is an essential part of the process.

The five animations in the collection take the viewer on a journey to unknown, exotic territories, diving deep into the imaginary realms. The music, which is also composed by the artist, provides an additional layer to the mood and imagery of the work and how it’s perceived by the audience. The stills are part of the Afterbird series, which is an ongoing project of whimsical and colorful forest settings populated by unusual avian species.

But is it 'art', one often asks? Yes, it is art – the computer merely gives the artist his/her wings to explore.

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