Visual Music

Visual Music is the new collection of Dennis H.Miller, consisting of six works exclusively selected for Sedition. The series presents diverse abstracts from Dennis H. Miller's digital practice.

Having studied musical composition, music and aesthetics are intertwined in Miller's practice. Applying principles drawn from musical composition onto time-based imagery, Miller uses music as a model for the designs of his animations. Through the interrogation of colour theory and the relationship between sound & image, Miller designs abstract, sonic compositions.

His abstract compositions travel the full spectrum of psychedelic colours from neon bright to black and white minimalism, from eerie, haunting soundtracks to techno tunes or soothing melody. Compressing the viewer between lighter and darker states, Miller explores and experiments with the tapestry of sound, motion and abstraction.

Waves of luminous colours, black and white lines in motion, and a sonic journey of particles in orbit are just a few of the defining elements in Miller's Visual Music.

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