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Winners for Digital Decade London Exhibition

Posted on 2017 08 09
Winners for Digital Decade London Exhibition

Sedition are delighted to announce the winners of the Digital Decade open call for video artworks.

During July 2017, artists working with the moving image submitted their responses to the theme ‘Cyberia’ to an open call presented by Sedition and DesignCollector Network.

85 artworks were submitted by artists whose work responds to the geopolitical, environmental and social changes which are taking place, and will take place, as a result of the increasing influence of digital practices worldwide.

Five artworks were chosen for exhibition in Digital Decade 5 organised by DesignCollector Network, which takes place from 25-27 August. Digital Decade 5 will combine works from a range of media including print, video and VR to look to the digital future.

The selected works are:

The five works will be presented in the Hub at Ugly Duck, Tanner Street, London during Digital Decade 5,where they will be displayed on the Sedition Frame. The winning works are also available as digital editions on the Sedition platform.