Coyle’s first education in art in the 1990’s included an introduction to 1st wave New York Pop Art of the 1950’s. Her current figurative work focuses on contemporary print media imagery to produce painterly paintings of a Fine Art standard. Combining primary and secondary line work with ideas in abstraction, minimalism and negative space. A recipient of International Art Market’s Gold List award. ‘Top international contemporary artist of today', ‘Recommended artist to invest in and to be inspired by’, with work acquired by Dame Janet Wolfson de Botton. Her current series ’Linda’ and ‘Binary’ deal with embracing and disrupting formal composition. For the first time in 2020 Coyle chose to paint mixed white backgrounds in certain pieces, mixing colours is very important to each piece. Influences from Dan Flavin and DeWain Valentine. This work earned an online review in 2020 from Dab Art Co. in Los Angeles and an inclusion in their 2021 Artsy show. Also in 2021, a Distinguished Award from Canada’s ArtAscent magazine and a Finalist Award from Los Angeles’ Art Show International.