MentalMoment #J

The MentalMoments are a series of black and white drawings with an accompanying sound composition. The work is generated as a specific frozen moment chosen from a dynamical system by six friends. One at a time each person is asked to wear a wireless EEG headset, which samples the electrical action potential of his or her brain waves. Their mental modulations are analyzed using DSP and turned into a real-time visual geometrical landscape and sound- scape which they are immersed. During the continuously transforming experience, each person is asked to select and freeze a moment, in which they feel particularly compelled by and resonated with her or him. The EEG data of the chosen moment is saved, and a custom designed process is used to produce the drawing, which is unique and specific to each person’s mental proportions. Lastly, a soundscape is composed using this same data, focusing on translating the data into temporal and harmonic cues. The two are meant to experience together, hearing the drawing and seeing the sound, one special moment, within a world, within each one of us.

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MentalMoment #Jby F.Myles

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