Sound Bomb

Fang Lu’s video is of her self-contained sound installation, Sound Bomb (2014), encapsulated inside a dark coloured suitcase that appears unceremoniously discarded on a pedestrian bridge in Beijing. A thoroughfare between the city’s busiest shopping district and Tiananmen Square, Sound Bomb conjures up sensations of unrest, as her case cries out for our attention. Underlying the works resonance is Fang Lu’s political intention that motives her to locate the work between the cradles of consumerism and communism. As the rhythmic commotion of the modern metropolis provides the backdrop for Fang Lu’s guttural screaming. That can be heard coming from deep inside the overnight bag, as though the artist herself is trapped inside the fabric case. And as a mild melee of shoppers pass over the steel bridge, back and forth, Fang Lu’s provocative and prolonged outcry spreads a mysterious aura of unease over this otherwise ordinary evening. It leads Fang Lu’s unsuspecting audience, one after another, to become slightly startled by the artist’s energetic holla. Leaving one feeling an incredible sense of apprehension at the idea that this small carry case could go from being a nuisance to something more ominous in a manner of minutes. Fang Lu's politically charged work generates an impending urgency that courses its way through the piece.

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Sound Bombby Fang Lu

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