He lives from his art, which sometimes nourishes him and sometimes leaves him to suffer. He strives to abandon current norms and bring new things to the canvas. Usually, his creations are not 100% new inventions, but they are characterized by a deeply felt confrontation, which makes them authentic. He knows that every form of adaptation ends in epigonism, imitation, this makes him creative. There is a process in progress, friction sometimes arises. Knowing well that total exposure is the domain of the saints and not that of the artists. Thus some things remain secret and nourish in their concealment. He was born on 22 September 1954 in Münsingen near Bern. His mother Maria Tamaroglio came from Piedmont in Italy from the village of Andorno-Micca. She was a factory worker in one of the weaving mills in Valle Cervo. His father Hans Knöpfli is Swiss from Frauenfeld. His profession was graphic arts, he was the one who drew his children's attention to literature, architecture, films, music, and the fine arts. His sister Susann is two years younger and a textile weaver. In 1976 he decided to enter the art academy in Rome and study painting. Marcello Avenali, a well known Roman artist, was the director at that time, he was one of those honest, sociable and very likable people that you can meet often in Italy. He quickly realized that Felicecosi was already a real artist and advised him not to visit the academy, it was only wasted time for him.