New Species (Red Ribbon Vinyl Anguilla & The Canteen Marching Harlequin)

New Species (Red Ribbon Vinyl Anguilla & The Canteen Marching Harlequin) is part of the New Species collection by Francisco Telleria, which depicts a tragic disruption of the natural ecosystem. New Species is an artistic contribution aimed at raising awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans, depicting the negative effects of plastic waste on marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

In this artwork, Red Ribbon Vinyl Anguilla fish and Canteen Marching Harlequin fish have moved in with a sea anemone. Sea anemones often live in close association with other organisms, as the anemone’s tentacles contain numerous stinging cells that are used to immobilize the anemone’s prey.

However, the new inhabitants are not aware that their colorful home is actually a death trap. Their red industrial oily colorant and germs from human interactions obstruct the anemone's tentacles and lead to its demise. Meanwhile, the plastic dwellers will last for 500-1000 years until they degrade into harmful microplastics. This artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the devastating impact of plastic pollution on marine life and ecosystems.


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