THINKING is an audio-visual sound sculpture released as part of MOOD E-LEV-EN, a collection of five works by Francisco Telleria.

MOOD E-LEV-EN is an ongoing study started in 2020, which explores the emotions derived from grounded cognition perspective and how they are affected by the perception of the virtual space, music, and spatial soundscapes. To achieve the study, Francisco Telleria designed eleven interactive 3D environments, characterized by 11 grounded cognition perspectives which are defined as follows: Weight, Sharpness, Smoothness, Moisture, Temperature, Movement, Spatial Height, Mass, Strength, Brightness, and Thinking. Each 3D environment is structurally represented by its physical and audio properties, as well as its animation which is performed by reacting to Francisco´s original music or soundscapes across the piece. This collection presents the first five out of eleven virtual abstract spaces in the series.

THINKING seeks to illustrate and describes the anatomy of thoughts, and the intricate neural and chemical processes that happen simultaneously when we think. Accompanied by a deeply underlying soundtrack composed by Francisco Telleria, the animated figurative element features many parts, which intersecting and interacting with each other at the same time, revealing contours of a tree which represents the anatomical energy of thoughts and physical forms in space. Blinking intense coloured dots represents that eureka moment of creation, triumphant discovery, inspiration, or insight, which in the context of the piece can be seen as fireflies flying as victorious extended body`s presence through space, suggesting a language of free movements as the ideas of any humankind wanted to be.

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