Born in Lyon (France), Guillaume Nicollet (b. 1985) creates surreal digital universes using the methods of composition of level design. His unique creation process combines 2D and 3D techniques. By merging these two mediums, he tends to question perception while building complex and detailed artworks where the viewer loses his bearings. After studying in several Art schools in France (including Gobelins), he put his talent to good use in various multimedia agencies between Lyon and Paris. Versatile, he develops between 2007 and 2015 a wide range of skills, from brand design to 3D modeling, sound composition and architectural drawing. Passionate about the very nature of Reality, he founded in 2016 "Monochrome", a studio dedicated to creating Virtual Reality experiences with his two partners JB Grasset and Axel Aubert. Together, they design immersive worlds as well as video games for brands, museums, and collaborate with various artists to transpose their universes into virtual reality. In parallel with his professional activity, Guillaume Nicollet set out in 2018 to develop his own artistic universe, with as always the questioning of reality as a spearhead.