Ophelia is a moving image released as a part of Aquarithms.

Aquarithms is a collection of five recent reflections from Guli Silberstein, processed by 'glitch' techniques. It aims to create a 'dive' into the natural phenomenon of water as it is captured by digital code and transmitted in moving images.

Aquarithms breaks down digital algorithmic codes to create beauty, inspired by late 19th century paintings, which were in turn inspired by photography. As in Impressionist painting, the image is fragmented into particles, to create a sensory experience. Nature itself is delivered in a painterly manner, both of the human mind, and Earth's environment.

The world is going through cognitive and climate crises. The works act as mirrors to reflect ourselves and nature, focusing on water elements such as the sea, ponds, and rivers. It's a canvas, melting video footage from around the world, into water/data waves flowing in electronic streams.

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