Born in Turkey, based in Munich Handan Yalki is a digital artist, architect and designer who received her Master of Science degree from Die Angewandte, University of Applied Arts Vienna with distinction after having her Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul. She has worked in several offices including Zaha Hadid Architects, London, kmt /n-o-m-a-d Architects,Vienna and URAStudio,Istanbul where she was a leading team member for many years. Considering all of the rich details and variety that nature has to offer, she has been more careful of environment and taking more from it in the creative aspect by reinterpreting the patterns of nature in 3d forms since 2012 by the name of YALKI Digital Art. She believes that observing nature from different perspectives leads her produce more original and visually interesting results and the possibilities are endless when changing perspective, especially the technique of materializing digitally is a great way to add reality, originality and flair to any design. All forms are modelled digitally in various softwares and rendered as images after the materializing process. Her digital art prints were exhibited at Contemporary Istanbul in 2014. Recently, some of her digital art prints are exhibited at DiArtPrints, Turkey.