For pros and NFT degens

No animal NFTs here - Sedition NFTs are artworks that were created by some of the world’s most celebrated contemporary artists. 

Sedition NFTs are first and foremost art pieces and are meant to be enjoyed as art pieces - the fact that they’re NFTs is secondary. These artworks are meant to be enjoyed as artworks and to enable this we provide a suite of apps to allow you to view and enjoy the artworks across a wide range of screens and devices.

However, certain collections on Sedition will have special utility attached to them. There may be financial incentives but also utilities specific to the art world - studio tours, meet-the-artist, additional unique NFTs and much more besides! In addition, our plan is to launch Sedition Art Club NFTs that will not only carry attractive bonuses for all the artists and art lovers out there, but also provide financial incentives for ‘hodling’ them.

Of course - as far as we are concerned, your artworks are your artworks - keep them, give them away, bury them in a database, sell them to other collectors or wrap them up in a digital-leaf and smoke them! These are your possessions - what you want to do with them is really up to you. 

Sedition has been in business for over a decade now - we’ve been filling screens with art since before digital art started going mainstream and in a way we invented our own version of NFTs - except ours were by necessity centralized on our servers. You can say that we were the first to create an NFT on a ”permissioned blockchain”. The concept of scarcity in the digital realm didn’t really exist before we introduced the concept of a digital limited edition. 

In addition, we’re planning to make our NFTs attractive to both the crypto savvy audience as well as the artistic community by adding attractive utility add-ons.

The first phase of Sedition’s entry to the NFT space is to allow our collectors to mint the artworks they have already purchased over the last 10 years. These artworks have been bought before and are sitting in people’s Vaults. So once a certain artwork is purchased, it then can be turned into an NFT using the smart contract that we developed. 

Phase two will enable crypto currency payments on the site and enable collectors to mint at the point of purchase - bypassing the fiat payments completely.

Yes - we don’t want to oblige ourselves or our artists to pay the gas fees upfront, therefore, we utilize the lazy minting mechanism, whereby the asset’s ownership ledger will be only transferred to the blockchain after the asset has sold. 

The contract is programmed in a way that the NFT is just a preview of the artwork file, due to file size constraints implemented by third parties such as OpenSea.

In order to enjoy these artworks in full resolution - the way that artists intended - is by connecting your wallet to a Sedition account.

Yes, to some extent. 

The ownership ledger of the NFT is decentralized, but the actual artworks continue to be stored on Sedition’s servers. This is done intentionally, for one thing it helps protect the artwork files and ensure that only the owner has access to them. But primarily it allows us to avoid the file size limit of 50-100Mb - and deliver complex, beautiful high resolution artworks to the collector. You'll soon see the difference once you try it out!