Future NFT Plans

Phase 1 (delivered): First artworks become NFTs, minting out of Vault mechanism implemented - this is done on an artwork-by-artwork basis and not implemented universally across the site.

Phase 2: Possibility to buy artworks fresh as NFTs, point-of-sale minting mechanism implemented

Phase 3: Utility attached to NFTs & Sedition Art Club NFTs - a unique collection drop that will unlock special Sedition and art-world related benefits for NFT holders

Phase 4: It becomes possible to transfer ownership of every artwork on Sedition to the blockchain

Phase 5: Sedition’s token launch & airdrop. Financial utility added to utility NFTs and Sedition Art Club NFTs

Utility for Sedition’s NFTs is something that is still being discussed. 

We’re certainly planning to have add-ons to make holding Sedition NFTs more attractive, however, our complete plans are not yet finalized. We’re looking at adding utility that is attractive to both the crypto community and the art crowd - so while we’re planning to introduce financial incentives for holding certain Sedition NFTs, a lot of the utility would be based around artistic interests: tickets to upcoming exhibitions, studio tours and various others.

More information will be provided in the future.

No, we’re not planning to become a decentralized autonomous organization. 

We’re interested in utilizing the blockchain technology in order to make the ownership of the artworks more transparent, allow for trading on NFT marketplaces and to ensure the accrual of secondary market resale value back to the artists. We’re not, however, wishing to - for example -  decentralize curatorship of the platform nor are we planning to give up on the artistic values that we built the company on.

Sedition is about art and artists - period. We’re interested in utilizing blockchain technology as a tool because we think it adds something to our core mission - to deliver the best art to the widest possible audience and to empower artists in how they reach and engage with that audience.

Yes, we will be launching a token.

Initial plans for a token launch and for Sedition’s tokenomics will be announced in due course. 

Yes, of course!

We’re planning to reward Sedition’s early adopters and premier members of our community with some Sedition tokens. 

More information on the eventual token airdrop and eligibility for it will be made available closer to the occasion.

Eventually, yes.

Our plan is to allow for all artworks that have ever been bought on Sedition to be mintable as NFTs and for all future artworks to be buyable both as digital limited editions and as NFTs.