For Sellers

  • List your artwork for sale

Selling artworks on Sedition is a piece of cake - click on “Trade” in the menu and check the “Sell Your Artworks” tab to see which artworks you own that are eligible for sale. Remember, only artworks that have sold out are eligible for trade. Choose the artwork you wish to sell and click on Sell. Enter the price at which you would like to sell your work and remember you can edit the asking price anytime. Click “Sell” to list your artwork on the Trade platform.

  • Wait for the bids, review and accept

Now sit back, relax and wait. When your artwork is listed on the Trade platform, potential buyers are able to place bids. You will receive notifications to alert you of any new bids. You can accept or ignore bids that you received from the “Sell Your Artwork” tab. To accept a bid, select the artwork by clicking on it and scroll down to view all the individual bids. Click “Edit Price” and then select “Accept Bid” to sell your artwork to the buyer with the highest bid. Alternatively - from the “Sell Your Artwork’ screen, simply click on the bid to accept it.

  • Voilà - the sale is done

The sale is complete in one of the two scenarios - either you accepted the buyer’s bid or the buyer paid your asking price, in which case the sale happens outright, without the need for you to confirm. Once the sale is finalized, the edition and the certificate of authenticity are automatically transferred to the buyer’s Vault. The proceeds will be deposited into your trade credit account which you can access from your Account preferences. You can use these funds to purchase artworks on Sedition or request a withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD.

Once an artwork you own becomes eligible for Trade, you will receive an email notification - as long as you accept notification emails in your settings preferences.

In addition, to check if any of your editions are eligible for Trade, you can navigate to the “Sell Your Artwork” page of the Trade platform. If any of the artworks you own are eligible, they will be listed there.

The proceeds from the trade sales are credited to your Sedition Account. You can view them under your Credit tab in your account preferences. 

You can use your Trade credit to purchase artworks on Sedition or you can request a withdrawal.

If you wish to withdraw the funds from your Sedition account, simply click the “Request Withdrawal” button on the Credit Overview page. That way, an email is sent to the Sedition finance team who will then arrange to credit your Paypal account or your preferred payment route.

It is entirely up to you. You can put a ten dollar asking price, ten thousand dollar asking price or a ten million dollar asking price - it’s an open market and we don’t control it. You can browse the artworks available for sale on Sedition’s Trade platform to get an idea of how they are typically priced. You are able to view the price history for all the artworks listed on Trade.

In addition, when you’re listing an artwork for sale, you will be able to see your purchase price, the potential net profit, historical price information, and the current best bid and asking price.

Once an edition sells out, the artworks typically do trade at a premium compared to the primary edition sale. Keep in mind that once you set your asking price, anyone can buy the artwork outright - if they match your asking price - without you needing to accept the bid.

Yes you can - as long as the artwork hasn’t sold yet. 

Simply head to the “Sell Your Artwork” tab, select the artwork and click on “edit price”. 

Go to the Sell Your Artwork tab and select the artwork. Click Edit Price and scroll down to view the list of all open bids. Choose the highest bid available and click Accept Bid. You can also accept bids from the Marketplace tab by clicking directly on the highest bid for an artwork that you own.


All trades that take place via the Trade platform are binding and are final.

In case multiple owners of an artwork put it up for sale, Sedition will show the lowest asking price to prospective buyers. 

So if someone else has already listed the same artwork that you’re now going to list for sale, your asking price will determine whose artwork sells first: in case your asking price is lower, yours will be first in the queue and in case your asking price is higher, then all the editions with the lower asking price will be in front of your artwork in the queue. If two people offer the same work at the same price, then the order in the queue will be first-come-first-served.

Prospective buyers can bid on any artwork which is no longer available for sale on Sedition’s primary market - even if no owner has ever put it up for sale. If that happens, we notify all existing owners of an artwork that there is a bid and any owner has three choices: they can ignore the bid and keep the artwork, they can accept the bid and sell their artwork or they can offer the artwork at a higher price than the current bid - essentially, making a counteroffer. Please note that any owner of the same artwork can also do this - so if you got a lucrative offer in your inbox, move fast, because others have received it too!