Sedition’s Trade platform is a secondary marketplace (Primary sales are artworks being sold on the site for the first time, secondary market sales are where collectors resell works they have previously purchased), where Sedition collectors can sell their owned works or pursue other artworks for their collection. Just like in the physical, bricks and mortar art-world where you can resell the artworks that you own for a profit or a loss, we make it possible for you to do this in the digital realm as well.

On Sedition’s Trade platform you can only trade artworks that were purchased on Sedition and only once that edition has sold out on the primary market. While the edition is still selling on the primary market, selling it on the Trade platform is not possible. 

No, Sedition artworks for which the ownership ledger has been transferred onto the Ethereum blockchain cannot be traded on the Trade platform. Instead, they can be traded on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

For more information on NFTs and how to trade them, please visit our NFT guides.

To avoid price disparities between currencies, all purchases and trades on Sedition’s Trade platform are conducted only in United States Dollars (USD).

Sedition deducts a 10% operating fee from the seller on each Trade transaction.

Sedition reports secondary market transactions to the relevant collection agencies where applicable automatically. For the seller, the profit calculator will automatically factor in the commission.