Stroop Grey,black,brown Series 3

This series of paintings by Iain Maclean explores the Stroop Effect.

The Stroop Effect was named after American psychologist John Stroop and is now an important part of Neuroscience.

It demonstrates that words themselves have a strong influence over your ability to say the colour. The interference between what the words say and the actual colour of the words your brain identifies causes the brain's reaction time to slow down.

There are two theories that may explain the Stroop effect:

1. Speed of Processing Theory: the interference occurs because words are read faster than colours are named.

2. Selective Attention Theory: the interference occurs because naming colours requires more attention than reading words.

It takes longer to process information that requires both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Verbal skills use the left hemisphere and non-verbal skills use the right hemisphere. Colour distinction uses the non-verbal hemisphere, which is also in the left hemisphere

Similar tests are used clinically to assess brain damage, dementia and the effects of altitude on Everest climbers.

This was originally a painting that has been digitally modified in 2019. The original hasn't been exhibited.

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