Sacrificial Mutilation and Death in Modern Art - Richard Serra's Assistant

Having first started working together in the early 1990s, the artist-brother collaborators Jake and Dinos Chapman were nominated for the Turner Prize a decade later in 2003. In their artworks, they have depicted Nazi generals, table top tableaus of Hell and strange, deformed mannequin forms; these are often both shocking and funny. Richard Serra’s Assistant, derives from the 1990s video art piece Sacrificial Mutilation and Death in Modern Art, where different artists are portrayed as cartoon-like characters who meet a sticky, deadly end. Here, an assistant to Minimalist artist Richard Serra walks near to a form which could be one of his famous large-scale metal sculptures, only to then be crushed as the giant form crashes unexpectedly to the floor. This work is part of a series entitled Sacrificial Mutilation and Death in Modern Art is available exclusively through Sedition.

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