What are the relationships between new technologies and so-called "classical" artistic ideologies? Thanks to the coded language, JmStash raises the question of the emerging object of an "online" exploration of the building elements of the material, so it tests the digital projection on the stained glass window, seeks the perfection of the code-art making possible ceramic realization, and much more... JmStash creates his works like stories, trips inside of himself to touch the intimate through emotion. Its sensitive and singular relationship to light results in a bold work of the chromatic palette. Since the 1990s, JmStash has been immersed in the underground culture of Parisian nights where he mixes festivals and artistic reflections, immersive works and ephemeral clubs. It is in 2017 that he decides to devote himself fully to creation, through a reflection on our perception of forms in space, he uses in a relaxed way the different techniques that he likes: painting, motion design, photography, installation, sound design, raw or working on creation for each other, one on top of the other.