The Bees and the Birds

"The deeper I dive, the wetter I get, as the fluid nature of video editing urges me to find the flow. An effect of this is that occasionally a little bit of video becomes more than just a series of frames - it grows into a portal to a mysterious world of signs and symbols. Like a fragment of a forgotten, unwritten song, a few seconds of movement, that you would otherwise dismiss, transmutes into a kernel of truth. These splinters exude a mysterious gravity, tricking the mind into seeing without gazing, or feeling a twinge that is implied but not stated.

The two fragments in this work were nested inside another project where they served to speak to a larger issue as they expressed a moment within a movement. But extracted and expanded they are a now a singular mechanism, things unto themselves - a testimonial that grows to fit the room we give it.

I am forever trying to explain inexplicable acts of faith by using abstraction, usually manufactured from the detritus of reality. This is my goal and my burden as how I sequence alliterated perspectives usually defaults to grace, to beauty and to elemental declarations." - John Sanborn.

The Bees and the Birds is a video artwork released as part of the ALWAYS | LAST | FOREVER collection by John Sanborn. Prelude and Etude No. 3 composed by Gabriela Ortiz; performed by Sarah Cahill.


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