Karim Carella

Follonica (Grosseto) Italy

Alba rossa (MUTATION)

RE-EXISTENCE is a composite photographic project in which the author investigates the condition of the human being and the relative relationship between the world and the self, and also explores a new photographic genre by abandoning monochrome. The project unfolds through three series of images.
The first two series are still life genre, reinterpreted according to a fundamental cornerstone of the author's style, the use of only natural light. The third photographic series moves and focuses on the landscape, the author's elective theme.
ALIEN-ACTION offers shots that symbolize human alienation.
"There is only one way to escape the alienation of today's society: get away." (cit. R. Barthes)
Humanoid figures depersonalized under the threat of time, the mechanisms of modern society, knowledge trapped by a web, Van Gogh's famous “Wheatfield with crows” imprisoned by a multimedia frame and wrapped in a dense web of threads. Symbols, only partially veiled, refer to the following series.
The state of constant alienation should induce consequent action. We invoke the recovery of the relations that the human being has lost, towards nature and other human beings, through writing. Nature and the pebble, man and the writings.
It is the epilogue of RE-EXISTENCE. MUT is an Egyptian Deity, considered the Mother Goddess, the Mother of the World. Changing one's actions, returning to the origins, to the world, to the landscape, recovering its BONDS and reconciling with it


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