What is fair?

Anyone in belief of having control is more than reluctant to give it up again. but it happens, some call it fate, that our lives change, in a way that we don't seem to control it in any kind of way. this is where one of our greatest goods comes into play: our freedom to act. we strive to act and strive to defend our own decisions. this unfortunately is all too often misinterpreted with the necessity of opportunities, obviously demonstrated in our religious-like approach to money. no money, no honey, as they say.

But where else can we turn to when the wallet is empty and the bank has nothing left for us? who will help us then, with all our worries when we suffer and there is no way out? God, or Buddha, or maybe McDonalds?

Once the artist/ a person realizes that his works/ actions are tools and prostheses of his convictions, he necessarily wants to share them with others. It becomes a need to make himself and other experiences accessible that allow consciousness to emerge. This is possible, by making and taking offers, giving and offering opportunities to reflect, generating new and better actions through experience. in this sense art, and perhaps also my project, aims to deliver this offer, with the idea that self-knowledge is still the best knowledge, and that there is no straight line formula to successful life.

so what is fair?

medium: video
duration: 00:10 min
shooting format: AVCHD
aspect ratio: 16:9
color: yes
sound: yes (stereo)


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