Gemini Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Geminis.

When we need to send out birthday wishes, we can do it in a virtual way. This special edition Gemini short film, which is edited and synthesized as part of the Gemini Series. It sends the most special birthday wishes to the people we love in the style of animation art.

I hope I have enough time and creativity to make virtual greetings for all the constellations in the astrology cycle. It might take some time, and this is just the beginning.

I imagine, when our loved ones receive a gift, they wouldn’t care if it is a diamond or a jpeg of a rose. As long as it is a heartfelt gift, whether it comes from the real world or the virtual world, it carries the same warmth of love.” Virtual greetings will inevitably become the reality of today and the future. “I just want to use art to bring happiness to mankind.” - Liao Yibai

Music: Happy Birthday - Cinematically Yours created by Imaginarium.


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