Destruction of Appearance (1.0)

Destruction of the Appearance (1.0) by Nick Fudge is a part of the Destruction of Appearance collection and specifically Apparitions of Appearance series.

Destruction of the Appearance (1.0) is part of a larger Digital Workspace series of works that reflect a number of skeptical concerns about the legitimacy of representation (exacerbated in the age of computing) that inform both the artist's analog and digital practices. These include the trompe l'oeil vector constructions that represent digital spaces such as Apple desktops, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) software program workspaces, etc., as apparitions of appearance.

Several series deal specifically with user interface (UI) design and speculate on the teleology of graphic software development, where updates, and by extension, obsolescence, are built into the design.

Destruction of the Appearance (1.0) and the series to which it belongs have been constructed with an emphasis on the beauty of precision and an attitude of aesthetic indifference.


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