Reality Drive_06_2

Reality Drive_06_2 by Nick Fudge is a part of the Destruction of Appearance collection and specifically Drive series.

Fudge began his Drive series during his extensive travels across America in the 1990s, transporting his digital creations with him on external hard drives. In his iterations of Reality Drive, reproductive media from different eras often coexist in a hyper-reality, such as black and white photography, painting, and graphic software.

The subject of Reality Drive_06_2 is a European landscape, a genre of painting transformed by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists in response to the invention of photography. Fudge's respect for the Impressionists led him to meticulously render the landscape by hand using vector graphics software (Adobe Illustrator v.8.0). The (unmarked) route through the landscape alludes to the decline of a genre of painting over the last two hundred years from the invention of photography in 1822 to the recent development of AI generative text-to-image models.


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