Moon is a new audiovisual work by Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto, also known as NONOTAK.

Through NONOTAK's exacting minimalist approach, Moon creates abstract compositions referring to phases of the moon and experimenting with geometric forms, lines, light and contrast of colours. Through its twisting and turning, black & white lines shaping into abstract patterns, Moon takes viewers on a sensory, almost hypnotic, journey. As the work unfolds, it generates different forms similar to the phases of the moon in fast forward.

Moon brings together the simplicity of black and white, with lines in a state of flux and cyclical movement, alongside an all-embracing sensation of sound. The sound accompanies the moving lines, as they slide from one side to another and rotate in different angles. Moving compositions on different layers of the foreground and the background present a perceptual experience to viewers, offering a place of illumination and depth. As colours and abstract patterns of lines stimulate the eye, Moon evokes a contemporary interpretation of OP Art.

The work illustrates the continuous cycle & the rhythm of time.

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