Olivier Ratsi

Paris, France

Fragmented Plane

Fragmented Plane is a 30-minute digital edition of a site-specific installation of the same name, which was created using painting and video projection mapping. The installation was premiered at Festival Internacional de Mapping (FIMA), Mexico in 2016.

Following the principal of “mise en abyme”, the surface of the projection image is reproduced virtually using software, and then deconstructed. Contrary to the site-specific work in which the audience explores the space from a unique point, this exclusive digital edition for Sedition, explores the piece by pushing the audience to navigate further inside the work itself. The black and white abstract work illuminates diagonal shapes that glow, twist and fade like refracted rays of light moving through a darkened space. The work is ambient with shapes and shadows that shift over time moving from dark to light with patterns that never repeat. The silent work creates an experience that plays with light, depth, lightness and darkness.

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