Summoning [49.028081N, 122.660692W]

This scene is a moment of everyday life captured both as a photograph and as a three dimensional vignette viewable in Augmented Reality. The scene is 3D scanned on location and recreated in a three dimensional scene you can view with Augmented Reality.

Enter the scene and look around by using a smartphone or iPad with the Free Aurasma App:
1. Download the free AURASMA app (android or IOS)
2. Search for “I Was Here” channel and click Follow
3. Scan the Image and explore the scene in 3D.

Summoning is a meditation on people’s longing for connection with others in recreational outdoor spaces where informal conversations, family interaction, or moments of contemplation often happen.

I capture the scene on location through 3D scanning, photographs, and video, and I invite the viewer to become the photographer and use their smartphone or iPad like a camera to discover more than what was originally captured by the photograph, potentially revealing new narratives and layers of meaning.


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