One Explicit Impact

"This artwork is a personal reflection on my free improvised music collaboration with percussionist Rodolphe Loubatière. Our music oscillates between the imperceptible and the loud, using snare drums activated by a selection of sonic objects (appearing on the left side of the screen), which are then processed with custom code. Together, we build structures in real time, searching and generating sound through a mutual exchange of energy and ideas; it is a constant play between stability and uncertainty, focusing on this liminal area of transition between tension and release. Or perhaps more simply put: we make noise."

"The video is meant to serve as a decontextualized study (i.e. outside of the performance setting) of improvised music by implicitly evoking (through explicit gestures) notions of expectation, patience, surprise, (re)action, simultaneity, and even absurdity which arise during the ritual of music making. The act of improvised creation can be viewed as a quasi alchemical process in which the performers are able to materialize something from nothing, just to turn around and let the summoned sound objects disappear back into the void again." - Pierce Warnecke.

One Explicit Impact is a video piece by Pierce Warnecke, taken from a larger kinetic sound installation of the same name created in 2019. The installed version used motorized drumsticks to slowly rise then drop on suspended snare drums, triggering sounds from discrete speakers. The piece was commissioned and produced by l’Assaut de la Menuiserie gallery and art space in Saint-Etienne, France. Special thanks to Curator Vincent Gobber and to Rodolphe Loubatière.


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