Buggin Buggin Me, 2014

"US of A" is a series of artworks that look at religion, sex, identity and race, adding a alternative narrative code to the American experience from a Black British perspective. "Buggin Buggin Me" was created by utilising 35mm film taken from Caesar's extensive collection of archival negatives, he re photographs and hand embellishes them into new imagined artworks.

In our home, school and church we were taught that Jesus was Caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes. Our family craved acceptance within the dominant community, we nodded and smiled when white folks passed by. My close circle of friends were Black, at meetings we would debate radical ideas on how to create an equal America. At night I would pray to the picture on the wall asking for my dreams to be realised, the piercing blue eyes would stare back "Buggin Buggin Me."

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Buggin Buggin Me, 2014by Pogus Caesar

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