Cooking Ice, 2015

"US of A" is a series of artworks that look at religion, sex, identity and race, adding a alternative narrative code to the American experience from a Black British perspective.

The artwork "Cooking Ice" depicts the failings regarding former President Nixon's "war on drugs." In 1971 he increased the power and funding of American federal drug control agencies. By associating drug use to particular communities, over a period of time the public would eventually relate predominantly African - Americans with the consumption of hard drugs.

Ice, most commonly known as Crystal Meth is one of the most dangerous and highly addictive drugs in recent years. Most users will either inject, swallow a pill or smoke it. If you smoke it, within minutes the user will feel a euphoria which may last for up to 12 hours. Physical effects include increased heartbeat, hyperactivity and elevated body temperature. The psychological effects in the user can develop into paranoia, obsessive behavior and delusions of power. Ice is created from a synthetic process involving a mixture of chemicals, this process is known as cooking.

The outstretched hands in "Cooking Ice" symbolise the steel grip that drugs has on American society, the stark background and distorted halo makes reference to the targeting of blacks by the American administration. Decades later and billions of dollars spent, the war on drugs is still being fought with no end in sight.

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