Miss Thorne, 2015

"Miss Thorne" re imagined was born 1942 in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Age seven, her mother walked out of the family home and never waved goodbye. An only child, she took responsibility for managing the household while her father worked at various jobs. A God fearing woman, she took an oath to never to cut her hair. She believed the small spherical objects that invaded her dreams were ancestral ghosts who insured a path to righteousness.

Throughout her life she took inspiration from female Black Power advocates and feminists, those motivated and powerful women who dared to stand up and not allow themselves to be trodden underfoot. "Miss Thorne" never married and passed away in 2005.

"US of A" is a series of artworks that reference religion, sex, identity and race. With over 17,000 vintage negatives in the OOM Gallery Archive, Caesar reworks the images adding an alternative view to the American experience from a Black British perspective.

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