“The Moebius strip is a one-sided surface with no boundaries. It looks like an infinite loop”
The Moebius Process Sculpture is expressing dynamism and eternity.
First the faceless crystal-shaped human figure is sliding on the ground turning and jumping over the memory when it was on the ground. Then it starts again...The movement in time is frozen in a complex, baroque-like sculpture. It is simultaneously a symbol of dynamism and eternal stillness.

The sculpture is made by Richard Masa with the Process-Sculpture technique he invented. Combining experience in Classic Art, Philosophy, Digital Arts and Performance Art the artist implements his own digitised motion on a virtual avatar and creates motion sculpture. This process is the artwork itself.
The goal is that the individual body as a concept dissolves into the process itself and rise as a new entity or a symbol.
It is a way to escape “conceptual thinking” and practice the analogical mindset.

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