XenoRelics - Pipes

XenoRelics - Pipes

Function: Meditation
Discovered:Paris 2021
Artefact from another dimension.

The gestures are intuitive. When I start I don't know what will be the outcome at the end of the work. My technique is a combination of gesture painting, airbrush painting and pastel drawing techniques.
After the real world material painting I digitise the image and with a heightmap procedure make the image push out into 3 dimensions and make a subtle animation as if it would be a living entity.
I call these art pieces Xenorelics because they express the uniqueness of the original handmade art and the mysterious story of what they could be… Relics form an Alien world or another dimension. The process can be described also as Aether-archeology searching for relics from other worlds. Artefacts that can be Objects or entities sometimes both at the same time.

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