Born in 1980 in Mie, Japan, Shigetoshi Furutani lives in London, UK and is currently completing an MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art. He graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts with a BA in Design before completing a Masters degree in Environmental Design. Furutani spent time working as a set designer for Nippon Television Art Inc in Japan before turning his focus to art.

In his own words, Furutani’s practice is preoccupied with “visualising things which are not physical, such as philosophies or phenomena; in order to try to facilitate their understanding.” Furutani’s practice engages with the formation of a language of visuals, exploring methods for visualising phenomena, which do not have a conventionally recognised form. His work attempts to develop responses to limitations of language in an age of social media, and engages with the limits of chaos and order, generativeness and restriction.

In 2011, Furutani received the Asia Digital Art Award, Finalist Prize in Fukuoka, Japan for his work Tokyo Dizzily Land, which was shown at Saatchi Gallery in 2013. The artist also participated in the Young Masters Fundraising Auction at Rupert Cavendish Antiques, London in 2012. Furutani was shortlisted for the Campus Genius Award sponsored by the Computer Graphic Art Society in Tokyo, 2007.