Reading (2014) converts Cheang's net art piece, Composting The Net (2012), into a scrambled reading experience. Composting The Net is a generative work where texts are randomly retrieved from online mailing lists and open archives, including IDC (list of the Institute for Distributed Creativity), Spectre (list for media art and culture in Europe), nettime (lists for networked cultures, politics, and tactics), empyre (soft_skinned_space), and are fragmented and toppled onto a digital landfill. A dense layer of unfiltered text falls from the top of the screen, as though pressed onto paper by an old fashioned word processor. The sentences dissolve into an unsettled cloud of letters that hit the earth like rain. The data debris makes up compost-enriched soil where fresh sprouts emerge to testify to our digital (non) existence. The digital edition, Reading, is a unique capture of Cheang's recent net art piece created exclusively for Sedition.

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Readingby Shu Lea Cheang

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