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Getting Started

Give the gift of digital art

Gift limited edition digital artworks to anyone, anywhere with Sedition.

Send Artworks or Collections

Explore gift ideas and choose digital artworks or collections to send as gifts. You can find gifts from the Gift page or browse the Discover pages to choose individual artworks.

New Sedition Gift Vouchers

Send a friend a Sedition Gift Voucher and introduce them to a new world of contemporary digital art. Gift vouchers can be used as credit to purchase digital limited editions on Sedition.

Custom Delivery

Sedition artworks can be gifted instantly, or scheduled to arrive via email on a specific date/time.

Add Your Personal Message

Make the gift more personal by including a message of up to 300 characters.

Delivery and Collection

Your gift is delivered via email. Once the recipient receives the gift email, they will be directed to the Sedition website where they are able to claim their gifts. You will receive an email notification to let you know when your gift has been received.

Enjoy Art on Any Screen

Once your gifts have been collected, your recipient will be able to enjoy their artworks from their personal Vault, where they can create playlists and stream their art online. Sedition recommends using Chrome for optimised online streaming. For the best viewing experience, we recommend downloading the works for offline viewing via one of the free Sedition apps for iOS, Android or Samsung TV.


What do they get when you buy them artworks or collections?

  • Limited edition digital artwork/s to enjoy on any screen
  • Every artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity including the edition number and the artist signature
  • Unlimited plays of their artwork from the Sedition website
  • Download artwork/s into the free Sedition apps for iOS, Android or Samsung TV

What do they get when you buy them gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers can be used as credit to purchase digital limited editions on Sedition.

How do I know that my friend received their gift?

You will receive an email notification once your friend has claimed their gift. If you haven’t received an email, please check your spam folder.

I have received a gift voucher, how do I purchase artworks?

Click ‘Claim Gift Credit’ then either sign in or create a new account to become a Sedition member. You now have access to discover and buy exclusive digital art from Sedition. Just click on ‘Discover’ at the top of the page; browse by ‘artworks’, artists or ‘featured’ artworks to find a digital artwork you love. Click on the artwork for a preview and more information. Once you have made your choice just click ‘Buy’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

I don’t have enough credit to purchase an artwork, what can I do?

You can pay the extra by credit card, just add the artwork/s to your cart and follow the instructions.

Can I transfer my remaining credit to my bank account?

No, it is not possible to withdraw or transfer Gift credit to a bank account. All Sedition Gift credit must remain on your Sedition account.

I don’t like the artwork I have been given. Can I exchange it for another?

You have 10 days to exchange any artworks you have been gifted. A balance payment will be required if the new artwork is of higher value than the original artwork. If the value of the new gift is lower, your Sedition account will be credited with the remaining balance for future use. Please email to request your change.

How do I add credit from a gift voucher into my account?

Go to your shopping cart, and when ready to purchase an artwork, click ‘apply credit’. To view your remaining credit, visit your Credit Account Settings.

Is it possible to buy a gift voucher for myself?

Yes, you can purchase a gift voucher and send it to your own email account. This way you will be able to obtain credit on your Sedition account.

Can I request a refund if my friend doesn’t like their gift?

Refunds can be requested within 10 days of purchase.Please email to request a refund. Only the purchaser can request a refund, not the recipient.

I want to give my friend something physical to go with their digital art. Can I print a copy of the artwork or my greetings card to go with their digital gift?

Sedition artworks cannot be printed, they have been created to be enjoyed exclusively in the digital realm. Artworks can be viewed using a number of screens and devices. Sedition does not currently offer printing services, but you can personalise your gift by including a custom message along with your digital edition. To write a personal message, add the gift to your shopping cart and write your message using the dedicated field.

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