Portaits of Glastonbury Tor

Portraits of Glastonbury Tor was the first in a series of still yet moving image portraits from around the world which included Venice, Beijing, London and New York amongst other locations. Each subject remains statue-like on screen for approximately 1 minute. My intent was to refer to 18th and 19th century portrait painting, where the subject is dressed in a particular way, or carries or is placed with an object that speaks about who they are - and also to late 19th century photographic technology where the subject had to remain sufficiently stationary so that an image might be registered in the then new medium. Through this there are also references to 17th and 18th century Tableau Vivant where peasants covered in stone dust were employed by the rich covered to simulate Greek renaissance statues – there would have been a moment either when the days work were done, or no one was around, where the ‘statue’ would come to life. There are 8 portraits of communities in this series all of which have been captured in 4k since 2008 when I began this work. Glastonbury is a worldwide destination for seekers after spiritual truth - but it has a living working community of its own and the subjects here are artists, brewers, gurus, herbalists, yoga practitioners and window cleaners.

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Portaits of Glastonbury Torby Terry Flaxton
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Portaits of Glastonbury Tor
Terry Flaxton
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November 22, 2017
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