The Core of Many Qubits

In his new series Entangled: The Human Gaze in an Age of Quantum Entanglement, Terry Flaxton pays homage to the the Analogue, Digital and the forthcoming Quantum Eras. The new series consists of seven artworks and an eighth special edition artwork, each discrete and complete yet, as a whole presenting a developing set of interconnected ideas concerning the rapidity of thinking, attention and cognition as human comprehension speeds up. The first part of the collection is made up of four works which represents a manifesto of the function of the human gaze during the end part of the analogue and the incremental move to the fully super-computed block-chain-mined digital.

The Core of Many Qbits alludes to the story in the bible of Joseph’s magnificent coat of many colours the wearing of which empowers the wearer to awe those around him/her. Though pre digital this is a piece of quantum magic manifested in the propositions around algebra as a tool which enables us to pole vault over reality to a time when possibly we can manipulate matter with our minds. It is a revelation that presages the super empowerment of the digital where all can be encoded and decoded in and out of numbers – such that there are no longer any boundaries at all… It is Jacob's dream of a ladder to heaven and this piece is a visualisation of that revelation; the move into the digital. - Terry Flaxton

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